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Connection Kids


Where every kid is seen, known, and loved!

Each week, we provide a safe, clean, and fun experience for your entire family!

Your First Visit

We can’t wait to meet you!  Our check-in team will be ready to help. If you'd like to speed up the process you can pre-register your family now!

We’ll help guide you, check in your child (children), and give you a number that you can bring back afterward to pick up your kids. If we need your attention during the service for any reason, we’ll send you a text.

We love to come alongside your family and make sure that every child God brings us is welcomed and able to belong, so if you're child has unique needs please don't hesitate to let us know.  

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What we Value


We go out of our way to protect your kids! Their safety is our top priority. All of our adult team members are background-checked and fully-trained to keep your kids safe. While you’re enjoying our worship service, you can relax knowing your children are in a safe, clean, and loving environment!


We’re not just going to entertain your kids each Sunday morning, we’re going to teach them what the Bible says, in a way they can understand. We help kids take the next step in their relationship with Jesus. We’re excited to partner together with you on this!


No, seriously. It’s the best hour of their week! Kids learn better when they’re having fun. That’s why we jam-pack every minute you’re here with fun games, memorable songs, and so much more. Your kids will have so much fun that they’ll be begging to come back!


We value parents! We understand how important each phase of life is for every child, and we want to be a resource to you.  Each month we provide resources at our check-in station to help you follow up with your children on what we're talking about at Connection Kids.


God designed us for community, and we want your kids to build healthy relationships with other kids their age. Making friends and growing alongside their peers is an important part of their spiritual growth.

Familiar LEADERS

We want your kids to look forward to seeing a familiar face at church each week. As they build a relationship with their Connection Kids Leaders, we hope they’ll share, ask questions, and feel supported and cared for as they grow in their faith.

Meet the team

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Hi! I'm Jen Broyles.

I’m the Connection Kids pastor. I love my husband and my three children! I also love helping our team to provide fun, consistent opportunities for kids to know the Gospel and what Jesus did for them. I’m passionate about helping kids take the next step in their relationship with Jesus, and I’d love to connect with you! 


Hi! I'm Ana Mummert.

I’m a Connection Kids team leader. I love spending time with kids and pointing them towards the love of Christ.  I'm also the youth pastors wife so I help provide a seamless transition to our youth program when the time comes. 

Hi! I'm Lindsay McCorcle.

I’m a Connection Kids team leader. I've been a part of Connection church since I was a kid so not only do I love this church, but I love helping our kids grow in their faith so one day they can lead like me!  I've worked for years as a science teacher in the public schools so I love to use hands on experiments to connect our kids to life changing truths of God's Word.  


Hi! I'm Connie Dudas.

I’m a Connection Kids team leader. I'm just gonna say it...I'm the most fun!  Whether it's wearing costumes to help the kids experience the Bible story in a whole new way, or giving out boxes of candy, I make sure the kids love every minute of their time at church.

kids quest summer camp (VBS)

The highlight of the year is always KidsQuest!  We pull out all the stops and make sure your kids create memories that will last a lifetime.  From the moment they step into the building they'll be transported to a new world with creative sets and characters.  But most importantly, your children will hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ in new and exciting ways!

Pre-register your family


If you’re coming to Connection for the first time this Sunday, fill out this form with your family’s basic information.

When you show up this Sunday, you won’t need to register your family to check in – they’ll be ready to go!

Thank you! We’ll look forward to meeting you on Sunday!

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